The range of peristaltic pumps consists of 19 models with flow rates from 80 ml / hour to 36 m3 / hour and operating pressures up to 15 bar. The characteristics that the range have in common are: transfer free from bacterial contamination, ease of cleaning, delicate transfer of heterogeneous, sensitive or abrasive products, high suction capacity in depth (up to 8 m.), possibility of dry operation, perfect dosage. Peristaltic pumps are compact, easy to use and require simple and economical maintenance. The replacement of the hose, the heart of the peristaltic pump and the only element of wear, takes a few minutes. According to the needs of use, hoses of different elastomers are available: NR, NR-A, NBR, NBR-A (with FDA certified internal layer compound), EPDM, thermoplastic materials (Pharmed, Norprene, Santoprene, Tygon).


CE 1935