Corrosion-Resistant Lobe Pumps for Aggressive Fluids

ALL OMAC LOBE PUMPS CAN BE MANUFACTURED WITH WETTED PARTS IN HASTELLOY, TITANIUM or MONEL, in standard version or with ATEX certification II 2G kc TX and/or sanitary certification 3A – EHEDG. Suitable for a wide range of industrial application and for almost all chemicals. Without parts made in thermoplastic, these pumps are reliable, with low maintenance and with very long working life. These pumps can be designed for heavy-duty tasks or hygienic application; can have horizontal or vertical axis with material and mechanical seals/gasket selected according to the medium. Bearing housing in cast iron with anticorrosion painting or Nickel coating; for some sizes is also available the bearing housing in 304 S.S.


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