Leading companies in Italy specialized in the production of volumetric lobe pumps in AISI 316 stainless steel and special alloys.

OMAC always paid the greatest attention to meet the customers requirements. In order to improve continuously manufacturing process, products and Client service, since several years has been introduced a Quality Service by the Company Management subsequently developed into a Quality Management System.

Being aware of the market demand , OMAC decided to get the certification for its own Quality Management System, realized according to the Standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and obtained on 2005. In order to check periodically the achievement of the Quality Policy targets, our Quality System is involved in a methodical data collection, according to a strategy of continuous improvement.

Inspection and Testing

All testing of the pumps during different work phases are made with CNC controlled measuring machines. The final test on each pump is with water, carried out at new hydraulic test-room. The pumps are tested also at maximum permitted conditions with particular attention to the performance. It is possible to issue a test certificate if required.


All shafts are manufactured from AISI 316 L or Duplex sheet stainless steel. The rotors are manufactured from either high quality 316 L extruded shaped bar or in special stainless steel anti-seizure alloy CY5SnBiM. The pump body is also manufactured from AISI 316 L stainless steel and except for the B100 pump type, which is made from a sheet, all other pumps are made from the lost wax casting method. We can delivery certificates of all raw materials and we have a completely traceability of materials as requested by the regulation EN1935/2004.