Standard Execution Pump

Traditional Lobe Pumps in AISI 316 stainless steel are assembled on a cast iron gear box which has a protective coating in epoxy paint finish or Nickel plated as option. The chamber separating the rotor case and gear box enables the fitting of balanced compact reversible mechanical seals, avoiding the contamination between the pumped fluid and the gearbox lubricant. The base of the gearbox is designed to make installation easier for connecting into horizontal and vertical pipelines. The OMAC Lobe Pump is modular in design allowing the main parts such as the rotors, seals and options, can be added or exchanged according to variations in the requirements of use. Mechanical parts in oil bath of extreme rigidity and compactness with double pre-assembled tapered roller bearings, oversized shafts, gears and support, which combined with the quality and precision of the machining, allow to obtain tighter tolerances ensuring performance and reliability of the pump. In lobe pumps, the rotors rotate in the opposite direction without touching. This feature prevents metal particles from polluting the product, minimizes mistreatment (lamination, cutting) of the product itself and makes lobe pumps ideal for transferring abrasive fluids. The transmission of motion between the driving shaft and the driven shaft takes place via a pair of high-precision synchronized gears. The timing device is simple and accessible: one gear is fixed and the other, being mounted on a bush, is adjustable.


CE 1935


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