Standard Execution Pump

The BE SERIES volumetric lobe pump derives from the established B series, sharing many features. The pump body is in AISI 316 L stainless steel mounted on a cast iron bearing housing protected by epoxy paint. A clear separation compartment between pump body and support prevents any contamination between pumped fluid and lubricant. The BE series pumps are simple and robust and are characterised by their monoblock design. The drive unit, thanks to the hallow shaft and to the rear cover provided with an IEC flange, is directly fixed to the pump by creating a unique compact and light body, without external rotating shafts and easy to clean. The new design, with smooth cover and fixing nut built in the rotors, improves the standard of washing (CIP) and sterilization (SIP). The lobe pumps of this series are provided only with bi-lobe rotary piston rotors in S.S. 316 L or in antifriction alloy CY5SnBiM, which ensure an excellent volumetric efficiency and a smooth and regular transfer of several liquid or viscous products.


CE 1935


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