Standard Execution Pump

Developed from the successful existing range of OMAC “B” series pumps, the series “BB-BA” pumps retain the principles of performance, solidity and reliability and incorporate a new design which enables easier cleaning of the wetted parts. BB series pumps are designed according to 3A Sanitary Standard (new standard Number 02-11). All wetted parts are in stainless steel 1.4404 and the pump body is from lost wax casting. This range consists of 14 models, from BA100 to BA490 with deliveries from 0.03 to 3.3 l/rev. The differences with respect to the classic B series are: flat cover and In built fixing nuts with flat cover minimises product entrapment & improves CIP; flush cover O-ring that follows rotor case profile; flush gasket behind the rotors without metal-to-metal contact; mechanical seals with bigger and self-draining slots to enable through cleaning and also avoids the retention of potentially dangerous cleaning fluid. All BB/BA have 3.1 material traceability.


CE 1935


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